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November 30, 2011

my name is kim sam soon

My lovely Sam Soon / 내 이름은 김삼순

Kim Sun Ah as Kim Sam Soon
Hyun Bin as Hyun Ji Hun
Jong Ryeo Won as Yoo Hee Jin
Daniel Henney as Henry

Simple everyday-life based drama, where Sun Ah plays a chubby woman yearning to open herself a bakery. In between of her dreams, is Hyun Bin, a restaurant manager whom hired her as a patisserie and deals with her a love contract in order to stop his mother’s matchmaking plans. The story line gets even more complicated as Ryeo Won, whom is Hyun Bin long lost girlfriend, suddenly came back and pursued to continue her relationship. Henney was thought as her boyfriend from USA thus further adding oil to the fire.

Acting: 9/10
–Sun Ah as always, fits the role of a woman whom encountering misfortune on a frequent basis. Hyun Bin, loves to kid around and looks great with his glance, the “i understand your problem, so dont worry, im here” kind of glance. Ryeo Won, mmmmm, though skinny like a pair of chopsticks, but dont get fooled. Her English proficiency might be better than yours including mine. Struck me in awe at times when she converse with Henney. Sweetly Sexy. Henney on the other hand, gave the drama an exciting sideline as he struggles to learn korean as a whole and he has a macho voice.

Freshness: 7/10
–Chubby girls whom can attract a handsome manager, hmm, quite normal, yet, the addition of Ryeo Won and Henney side story made it fresh as it doesnt follow the usual norm where the ex-girlfriend is the antagonist.

Morality: 8/10
–HAHAHAHA. 8 why??????? They are trying to teach you that hitting another on the head is a good thing which is NOT!!!. laugh as you may, but follow those actions you may not. other than that, they tried instilling passion of learning new knowledge via Henney.

Enjoyability: 9/10
–Though i personally like this drama, for it has lots of good moments and meaningful phrases said over time, but honestly, in the middle of the drama, it gets a bit dull with lots of talking and quarelling. Still, it is a good drama 🙂

Soundtracks: 9/10
–Dont know if korean are actually talented in music, or they use outside source for their songs, or etc because their osts are almost always nice. Even without lyrics or knowing its meaning, yet the tune itself is intertwined with the emotions they are trying to portray and sensing the perfect timing for it. 🙂

Quotes that i liked:
1. When you hug her, shes like cotton candy. 🙂
2. You need to pronounce it correctly, or it might sound like BOOB. lol
3. Make everything like a first time until we are old.
4. How i survived this harsh world? Because everytime i encounter difficult experience, i will always say at least it wont kill me.
5. I thought time is medicine, but it becomes an illness to us.
6. Things shine at 1st, and then as time goes by, it tend to fade away, and eventually its not there anymore. Because, i think i used to shine.

Scenes that i liked:
1. when Hyun Bin was out of toilet paper, Sun Ah asks him this
“Blood type A: patient and introvert, they will wait for the cleaning lady.
Blood type B: confident, they will solve it with 2 things(Sun Ah gestures to use 2 fingers in scraping motion)
Blood type AB: have traits of A and B in them, they will reuse the toilet paper in the trash bin.
Blood type O: easy going, they will just walk out. why? because they can clean themselves later on.
2. Hyun Bin tried giving a teddy bear to a small girl whom casually replied “i dont like soft toys”
3. Everytime Ryeo Won converse in ENGLISH with Henney. awesome much. 😉

RECOMMENDED : 8.4 / 10
A nice drama as a whole, has a great sideline plot as well. 🙂

P.S. hope you enjoy listening to Ryeo Won and Henney conversations, because i know i definitely do. 🙂