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November 20, 2011

protect boss

1st eps. chokeslam, ciagerette problem, 11 min (apa ka???? lol)….pooop head…….funny fighting scene funny converstion at 25 min , 26 min pro wrestkler???????

Protect the boss / 보스를 지켜라

Choi Gang Hee as No Eun Sul
Ji Sung as Cha Ji Heon
Jaejoong(JYJ) as Cha Moo Won
Wang Ji Hye as Seo Na Yoon

basically a story bout a gal whos hardworking and able to life off in life by herself, and met up with a rich entrepreneur's son whos having various negative values that prohibits him from excelling. accompanied by his cousin, another rich entrepenuer's son, whose more composed and has a better aim, they competitively strive together to get the successors seat. in between, another woman of rich background came as second heroin to the plot.

Acting: 9/10
--surprisingly, Ji Sung acted very well as a childish guy and Jaejoong as a singer, also has quite a good acting in him. both Gang Hee and Ji Hye, acted well, and are quite cute.

Emotions: 10/10
--this drama potrays almost every emotions, starting from fun, happy, hilarious scenes, to sad, melancholic scenes, and also scenes of hope and justice. 

Freshness: 6/10
--its basically another story of the rich and the poor. but most scenes are quite fresh, especially during proposals and funny scenes.

Morality: 10/10
--this drama is full of morale values. they try to instill justice over crime, and proper punishments for committing crimes. really respectful

OSTs: 7/10
--though not as romantic as other romance type dramas, yet, their songs suits the purpose of specific scenes. one of the song is personally sang by Jaejoong.

Quotes that i liked:
"if you want to be a good manager, you must love a good person"

Scenes that i liked:
almost all, since its funny, meaningful. They have face expressions, that shows their utmost sincerity be it sad, or happy, or angry, especially Ji Sung. Aside from that, their parents are funny as well. moreover, i love it more, since love scenes such as kissings are done the right way, which is with emotions and the surge of wanting it more, NOT like typical dramas, where the kiss, stop, spin, eyes opened. FFFffffu that. this is the real deal. :)

anyway, enjoy it as how i enjoyed it