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December 12, 2011

my 2011 bday. :)

maggie mee for bday on 12 midnite. a way to start my bday. haha. and now here i am, at 12 midnite, waiting for a call, or a msg, from that person. but didnt get any. nvm, i got my bros bday wish. sum1 whom always nvr been keen to be next to me, actually greeted my bday 1st. purposely deleted my bday date on fb, wanted to see whom actually remembers. haha. guess no1 did, no problem though cuz i dont remember others. except 26, 25, 24, 22, 21, 29, 8. wow i nvr knew there lots of 20 plus in my head’s calender. haha
anyway, happy birthday to myself.
I know its a day where you do a new resolute to improve yourself, to change for the better. you all know thats just a load of bull right? a week or months after, ud be crawling back doing the same thing again, and after another year comes, putting back the same resolute which never did resolve. i know better, im the king of kings in that matter. ever changing dont suit me, im more of never changing, static, stale, stumped. what i wish for my bday is simple, i wish, Allah the Almighty would help me in guiding me back to right direction, reshape my attitude and discipline as close to the purest shown by prophets alike, and also, make me love myself, so that ill able to love another as if im loving myself. other than that, i hoped that she, is having a great time anywhere she is now, whomever shes with now, cuz i personally think that, without the aim for comfort and emotional security, she wouldnt have left me. anyway. again, another lonely birthday. hahaha
woops no, im wrong, ill never be forever alone, as i have Allah forever keeping watch on me.