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April 26, 2012

Saengil chukha hanmida Kang Dae Sung-shi

Saengil chukha hanmida Kang Dae Sung-shi

Happy Birthday to Kang Dae Sung, or also known as Dumber(with his partner Dumb which is Jae Suk Hyung), or Kang Dae Soon (girl version), also as a group of Small eyed brothers with Kim Jong Kook.

This guy is a singer and part of the sensational kpop group BigBang, and his 1st arrival in Family Outing made me quite interested to watch the series. He came in with such messy looks, small eyed, messy curly hair, but has always put on smiles on himself and the people around him. His knack for making fun became twofold when partnered with his hyung, Jae Suk as Dumb and Dumber, where although his IQ is 110, but with Jae Suk, he will always be Dumber. Funny, cheerful, enthusiastic and full of teen spirit, he can always carve a smile on audiences of all ages.

May this year gives him better strength to overcome his biggest trauma, and continue to provide quality songs as himself and part of BigBang and lastly stay cheerful and free spirited as always.

Happy 23rd!! 🙂

from your biggest fan,