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December 19, 2012

The Grand Heist/Gone with the wind 2012

The Grand Heist 2012

The Grand Heist/Gone with the wind (Korean movie 2012)

Rating: 3.5 / 5 (Fairly Entertaining)

Cha Tae Hyun as Duk Moo (The MasterMind)
Oh Ji Oh as Baek Dong Soo (The Warrior)
Sung Dong Il as Jang Soo Gyun (The Moneyman)
Shin Jeong Keun as Seok Dae Hyun (Bombardier)
Song Jong Ho as Kim Jae Joon (Spy)
Ko Chang Seok as Hong Seok Chang (Archaeologist)
Kim Gil Dong as Cheol Joo (Transporteer)
Min Hyo Rin as Baek Soo Ryun (Diving Beauty)
Lee Chae Young as Yoo Sul Hwa (Informant)
Cheon Bo Keun as Jung Goon (Young boy)
Song Joong Ki as Jung Goon (Adult, cameo)

Personal Introductory Synopsis:
(WARNING! May contain Spoilers!!!)

This was the era of where, Ice is a new and important commodity for the nation. Its purposes arent limited to food and beverages, but also helps soothe heat-strokes and supplementary food for prisoners thus making it more and more demanding everyday. Knowing this, one of the ministers and his minions pursued getting an exclusive right to the ice business and controls the ice market as they please. Dong Soo, whom is an ice officer, is highly patriotic and is against forced labour for ice business thus, became a thorn in the evil minister’s devious plan for wealth. Following his pursuit is Duk Moo’s father, Lord Lee Sung Ho whom is trying to prevent such events occurring by means of law. Hence, the evil minister plotted against them both, by framing Dong Soo and Duk Moo. In an event to save his son, Lord Lee Sung Ho compromises with the evil minister and thus took up the blame in exchange for his sons life, and was then exiled. Duk Moo whom saw his father being publicly disgraced, is now filled with revenge, and took his time, to build up his own strengths and intelligence. After months of preparing, he then gathers up professionals in their own respective fields to work together and complete the Grand Heist.

Personal Comments:
(WARNING! May contain Spoilers!!!)

I had never knew that, ice was once a very very important commodity that, the noblemen at that particular era would do so far to be in control of ice. It feels as if its on the same ranks as spices during the Spanish and Dutch colonization era. But this movie has shown that it is capable to make us thoroughly believe that ice is an indispensable commodity at that period of time. On the other hand, with Cha Tae Hyun in the movie, i was expecting lots of comedies. Turns out, it came only up to half of my expectations. And some talk scenes are quite stale, as in predictable, but nonetheless, it is fairly amusing to watch. If you liked the English movie, Ocean’s Eleven, then this will surely provide you a similar feel.


  1. Since his first appearance in the movie, attacking Dong Soo, the movie didnt properly address him as to who he were, and how he really looked like. I was awed by his cool appearance, and had been wondering, who played this character. Till the end of the movie, he is still an unknown person.


  1. This is a cool gif i extracted from the movie, where Dong Soo chases masked Duk Moo, and managed to pierce an arrow to reveal his face. Really an awesome effect.

Cha Tae Hyun being chased

  1. This gif on the other hand, caught my attention. It reminds me of the sushi train but this probably is its’ historical design. Again, cool.

Old School Sushi Train

  1. I was shocked, shocked, and shocked again. How the heck did i miss this event. After googling for some insight on this movie, i saw a detail about this which ive overlooked. What i meant was, Song Joong Ki made a cameo appearance at the END of the movie, merely 5 seconds, where he became the adult version of the kid Jung Goon. LOL