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April 19, 2012

Viral Factor 2012

Viral Factor 2012

Viral Factor (chinese movie 2012)
Rating: 6 / 10

Jay Chou as Jon
Nicholas Tse as Yang
Peng Ling as Dr. Rachel Kan
Bing Bai as Ice
Andy On as Sean

Personal Synopsis:
(WARNING! May contain Spoilers!!!)

The story kicks off with Sean, Jon and Ice and some others gather up as an escort team. Their mission was to make sure safe exit for a professor who claims that he has made a new generic mutated bio-weapon. But during the dogfight between the terrorists and the escort team, a sudden betrayal, led to a death and incognito, was the injured Jon via a direct head shot. Miraculously. he survived but the bullet stays in his head, creating certain unwanted buzz moments. His story has just begun when he found out that he then has a younger brother whom unexpectedly is a wanted criminal.

Personal Comments:
(WARNING! May contain Spoilers!!!)

Plot is abit blurry. I dont understand the significance of the bullet stuck in Jay’s head, and the sudden headaches he experiences with the whole story. Overall an adequate movie.