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December 18, 2012

Me Too Flower 2011

Me Too Flower 2011

Me Too Flower (Korean drama 2011)
Rating: 2.5 / 5 (Watchable)

Lee Ji Ah as Cha Bong Seon
Yoon Si Yoon as Seo Jae Hui
Han Go Eun as Park Hwa Young
Seo Hyo Rim as Gim Dal
Jo Min Gi as Park Tae Hwa
Lee Gi Kwang as Jo Ma Roo

Personal Introductory Synopsis:
(WARNING! May contain Spoilers!!!)

A typical patrol officer named Cha Bong Seon have always worked hard to be promoted as a Sergeant yet this seems to be quite a feat due to her feisty personality, hence advised for psychological consultation. Meanwhile, across the street, lies a renowned boutique called Perche, where out of nowhere, Seo Jae Hui tries to apply for a job as a parking attendant. His background is a bit shady but he has done lots of part time jobs to have the necessary experiences for a mere attendant spot. Being a feisty person, Cha Bong Seon is skeptical that consultation is what she needed when she met Park Tae Hwa, the doctor, thus she stormed off, but was knocked slightly by Seo Jae Hui whom came out from a corner on his bike. A bit of a quarrel burst out despite Seo Jae Hui made a lame joke and flicked her head before fleeing. On the same note, a commotion broke out in Perche, thus both Cha Bong Seon and mate, Jo Ma Roo were dispatched. Unknowingly, she met Seo Jae Hui again there where he in turn settled the commotion single handedly. More inquiries appear when the seemingly poor Seo Jae Hui, whom was desperately trying to secure a valet attendant job, parks his bike in a lavish apartment, and had dinner grandly with Park Hwa Young.

Personal Comments:
(WARNING! May contain Spoilers!!!)

First off, i wanted to watch this drama because, Suzy has an ost for this called, A lot of tears. A very sweet song with a meaningful lyrics, but doesnt blend well with the emotions pouring out from the drama. Im not sure why, maybe because i listened to the song before i watched the drama. Secondly, because Lee Ji Ah is acting. I liked her somber face in Athena, which in my opinion is pretty but here, she has also expose her cheerful side, which in general looks okay. Anyway, this drama has lots of funny scenes revolving around Seo Jae Hui and Jo Ma Roo, whom likes the same woman(Cha Bong Seon), and Gim Dal and Park Tae Hwa, which is considered as secondary love story for the drama.
Actings are okay, but the plot really differs alot from the title. Title suggest a lovey dovey feel, but the drama portrays family dysfunctional issues, dark backgrounds and most importantly, obsessive love which is deeply reflected in Park Hwa Young’s actions. But the plot went downhill starting from the middle of the series, where, when Bong Seon is now aware that Jae Hui is a millionaire, instead of accepting him, she went berserk and breaking off the relationship. In my opinion, its crap and totally uncalled for, and it drags till the end of the series. I mean, Jae Hui accepted her as how she is, why cant she accept him as how he is?? But still, i love the chemistry between Gim Dal and Tae Hwa. Quite entertaining. 🙂


-I like how Han Go Eun portrays herself in this drama. Pwettty 🙂
Han Go Eun

-Bae Suzy’ Ost for this drama, :’))